Other Brother Beer Co was conceived in 2015 by three close friends with a deep passion for sharing memorable experiences centered around food and beer. The brewery and taproom were opened on October 22nd, 2019 to enthusiastic reception by the local community. Despite major setbacks experienced during the first two years of the brewery's existence, the Other Brother Beer Co team has continued to joyfully execute its mission of crafting the highest quality ales and lagers to be shared with good friends new and old. Other Brother Beer Co is the product of hard work, dedication, and the amazing cast of characters behind the bar and behind the scenes that has brought the idea to life. 



Other Brother Beer Co strives to provide respectful service, quality products, and a work environment that represent our deep commitment to supporting mutual respect between all who enter our space. We will never intentionally take any action to discriminate, exploit, exclude, or otherwise harm any person based on age, race, gender identity, sexual preference, disability, religion, or any other unique characteristic that make our fans and team members special, inside or outside of our brewery and taproom. Further, we have zero tolerance for behavior of that nature among guests, team members, or collaborators. We will do everything to ensure that ours is a community of mutual support, respect, and love. Should we fall short in any way in this regard, our response will be one that aims to restore equity, reconcile differences, and strengthen our community. The magic of beer is especially strong when we stand together.


The foundation of our brewing philosophy is this: beer is magic. This eternal beverage has accompanied humanity for most of our existence, and we believe that there is a beer for every occasion. Whether it's a heady stout eager to be dissected and pondered, or a crispy, crushable lager that wants to be sipped between rounds of horseshoes, we aim to offer beers that can be the centerpoint of the experience, or simply act as an enhancement that makes the experience a little bit better. We are inspired by traditions, new and old, though bound to none. As long as we can make people happy, we've done our job!